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As one might expect, we get this question a lot. While our service prices are very competitive, we ask that you compare apples to apples when obtaining quotes. Our estimates always include all facets of the project.

You will want to ensure that competing quotes specify similar treatment levels, overall system configuration and materials, drain field sizes, electrical components, and subcontractors. Also make sure it includes design fees, permit approval, and excavator charges for installation and preliminary site work.

As a rule, the cost of a new wastewater disposal system is proportional to the size of the home, and also proportional to the size and quality of the available area. So a large house on a small steep lot can be priced much higher, whereas a small home on level acreage can be much lower.

We suggest you consider your new Septic System as one of the many components of your home – it is likely that the price will fall in line with everything else. Though a septic system is not as glamorous as a new kitchen, it is not an area to cut corners or look for economies. Of all the systems in your home, we can assure you this is the one you absolutely do not want to fail! A well-designed, well-built septic system is an investment that will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Also, unlike many other parts of your home, your septic system is almost completely self-sustaining. It generates tangible cost savings when compared to paying monthly sewer connection fees that are typically recouped in 8 to 15 years. Similar to investing in solar power or a water well.

If you have questions about your free estimate from us, or about various quotes you have received from our competitors, we are happy to go through them together with you to help you make sure they are both comprehensive and accurate.

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